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Top 5 Local Hue Food You Should Try

The land of Hue is known for the amazing scenery with a lot of ancient mausoleums and majestic palaces. Besides that, coming to Hue, visitors will also fall deeply in love with its culinary culture. Hue Local Cuisine is not only delicious, but it also contains the cultural identity of this millennial land with so little money you have to pay. In this article, we will give you a list of 5 Local Hue Food You Must Try as well as providing a list of Hue restaurants to enjoy the entire beauty of Hue Cuisine.
Bun Bo Hue
Bun Bo Hue is the first dish you should try when you visit Hue Ancient City. Why? Because it is the soul of Hue City!
This is absolutely a must-try dish when visiting Hue. A bowl of Hue Beef Rice Noodles with full topping will have thin slices of short loin or pork, pork cartilages, pork knuckles, congealed pork blood, Vietnamese crab balls, and scallions on top of the silky noodles in a thick broth.
In addition, this dish is also served with a wide range of Vietnamese herbs such as bean sprouts, mints, cilantro, shallots, lemongrass, and banana blossom. Depending on your taste, you can also add fresh chilies, chili sauce, fermented shrimp paste or lemon juice into your bowl.
Banh Xeo
Have you tried Banh Xeo Specialty in the South of Vietnam yet? Banh Khoai is said to be the petite version of Banh Xeo with a royal touch. It has its original name “Banh Khoi” (khói means smoke) since it is being cooked on a wood stove. However, people miss-spell “khoi” into “khoai”, therefore it is currently called  “khoai” which means happy cake in English.
The base of Bánh Khoái is made of egg rice flour. Once it turns into golden color, the chef place some slices of pork, shrimp, egg, bean sprouts on top then fried until crispy. It will be then served of green and fresh herbs like mint leaves, basil, and finished with a tasty peanut sesame sauce. Wonder where to get it?
Nem Lui
You love spring rolls and want to do your own roll? This is a dish for you! Nem lui is made from well-seasoned finely-ground pork and minced pork skin. This mixture will be then attached on a lemongrass stick and grilled over a coal stove.
When eating, Nem lui will be wrapped in a thin rice paper and fresh herbs added. Rolling it up and then dip in peanut sesame sauce will make a perfect flavor. If you have the opportunity to visit Hue, do not forget to enjoy this unique dish.
Banh Beo
It is a famous signature dish in Hue. Smooth, elegant and simple are exactly three adjectives to describe Banh Beo. You could find them everywhere in Hue, from the streets to the restaurants.
Banh Beo has the shape of a bloating fern with a smooth white base-which is made of rice flour. On top of it, there is the yellow color of fried sliced onions and cubes of fried pork skin, the orange color of shrimp, and the green color of scallion oil. Souse a little spicy fish sauce on top of the cake and you can taste the quintessence of Hue Cuisine.
Banh Loc
While Banh Beo is having a round shape, Banh Nam is flat with minced pork added and Banh loc is cute sushi-shaped with a tasty filling. It is a combination of a small shrimp and lightly seasoned ground pork belly. The same as other Hue specialties, they also serve spicy fish sauce with this cake.
Furthermore, Banh loc are wrapped in la dong, also known as elephant ears leaves which adds a very enjoyable fragrance to the dish.


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