Cyclo quietly rolls through the Hanoi's ups and downs

It can be said that, coming to Hanoi, visitors must definitely catch a Cyclo around the old quarter, admire Ho Guom Lake under the green trees while enjoying the fresh air.

Story of the origins and birth of the cyclo is still questionable and controversial in many countries. To this date, both the Japanese and Americans give evidence that they invented the first pedicab in 1848 (or 1868) by the blacksmiths in order of the churches.

In Vietnam by the past, cyclo was bought and used by French and Hanoi officials. It has changed the way people travel, from moving the road mainly by palanquin, hammock, horse to another means of transportation, more convenient. Gradually, this means of transport became familiar on Hanoi streets and existed to this day. 

In the two great wars, cyclo has become a historical witness. Mr. Do Anh Thu, Director of Sans Souci Sarl Traveling Cyclo Service Co., Ltd., was moved when talking about cyclo in the past: It was used to transport goods, ammunition, medical equipment, food, equipment and injuries.

The hustle and bustle of everyday life makes people feel tired and no longer inspire to walk every evening though the blackboard trees are still fragrant in small streets. In spite of modern vehicles (cars or motorcycles ...), many people cannot get rid of cyclos in every early morning in Hanoi. 

To them, it was a joy, a refreshing pleasure to find themselves. The cyclo have become a unique characteristic of Hanoi. Sitting on the cyclo throughout the streets, people seem to be in harmony with nature, getting away from everyday worries as well as vanish to fully feel the meaningful life.

Cyclo is an indispensable member of Hanoi Capital, an important part of each person's memory. Bring Vietnam to the world Mr. Bui Van Dong, 54, (No. 42, Alley 533, Bach Dang, Chuong Duong ward, Hoan Kiem District) has been a cyclo driver for 34 years. 

“As a driver, I must satisfy all customers’ demands, be enthusiastic, gentle and thoughtful with the motto "customers are god". Foreign tourists to Vietnam love cyclo, because this is a beautiful cultural history”, Dong said. 

Cyclo is a cultural tradition of Hanoi. As Thu said: Most of foreign visitors to the capital want to choose this means of transportation to visit, discover the ancient beauty and find out the local daily life ... due to its low cost and convenience; The cyclo driver is also friendly and comfortable. 

Many international guests are delighted when the cyclo took them through the old town streets, they were able to see each centimeter of the old town (without having to look through the automobile door). 

Sitting on a slow-moving cyclo, visitors can take pictures or video, relax and watch the daily activities and find themselves in the same scene, feel like watching a lively stage without being afraid of rain and sunshine. In order to serve tourists, cyclo is now nicer decorated, with handrails, gold hoops, red cushions in the same color and style with drivers in polite uniform. 

When there are festivals, they also wear suit, cavat or jacket, turban ... Furthermore, they can also communicate with foreigners with their accumulated language: English, French or Chinese .... 

They become a truly tour guides to introduce Hanoi in particular and Vietnam in general to international friends.



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