Unmissable Sights in Ho Chi Minh City

you have decided you will be visiting Ho Chi Minh City, the largest city in Vietnam, which means you are bound to have the time of your life!

The city used to be called Saigon, but after the Vietnam war it was decided to change its name to that of their beloved leader, Ho Chi Minh! However, you will see that Saigon is still widely used, even in this article, oops!

A city with more than 7 million motorbikes is not the epitome of relaxation so I hope you are ready for a little bit of chaos and a lot of fun!

Being the big city that it is, it’s no wonder there are plenty of things to do in Saigon! If you are wondering what to do in Ho Chi Minh City, do not worry, I have gathered the best activities, attractions and tours for you to enjoy!


There’s no better way to discover this city than by taking one of the many Saigon tours out there! Getting lost among the alleyways and having a chance to experience the distance between the landmarks really is the best way to get to know a place, in my opinion. As in every city, Ho Chi Minh City has a big array of walking tours available, ranging from free to private tours, so there are endless ways to see this city by foot! For instance, you can check out this free Ho Chi Minh City tour of the main Ho Chi Minh City landmarks where a guide will be telling you about the best Ho Chi Minh City sightseeing spots! Make sure you bring some sunscreen and a bottle of water; it will be an intense 4 hours. You can also check this motorbike Ho Chi Minh day tour where you’ll see even more landmarks but won’t get tired walking from one place to the other; quite a smart thing to do! Alternatively, if you like to go at your own pace, check out this 3h private tour where you can have the guide all to yourself, a luxury not found in many other walking tours!


One of the most popular things to see in Ho Chi Minh City is the Reunification Palace, which played a big role in Vietnamese history. This palace served as the general’s quarters during the Vietnam war and it even saw the end of a battle when a North Vietnamese tank crashed through its gates in 1975! The outside might look a bit bland, but the inside is very interesting! You can see many exciting things there, from the bunker full of

70’s paraphernalia and strange spy machines, to the general’s private chambers. I mean, you can even see his wife’s perfumes! It’s perfectly preserved! PRO TIP: When buying your ticket, ask the seller when and where the next free guided tour is. They will either tell you to join one that has already started or give you details about the next one!


Saigon Central Post Office in Ho Chi Minh City is an iconic colonial building that just has to be on your Ho Chi Minh City itinerary! Designed by the French architect Alfred Foulhoux at the end of the 19th century, it has been a working post office ever since. You will see locals and tourists alike walking through the main hall on a daily basis; the stunning indoor architecture should not be missed! FUN FACT: Even though if was designed by Alfred Foulhoux, it is often erroneously credited as being the work of Gustave Eiffel, the architect of the Eiffel Tower! PRO TIP: A favorite thing to do among tourists is to send postcards from this post office which you can purchase on site! If you walk towards the end of the building, you will find a number of desks that are there for you to use. Also, if you ever need a translator, there are many Vietnamese people that hang around there to help you out!


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