Hanoi Walking Street

The walking street definitely create a golden chance for its visitors to adore not only the beauty of the architecture of Hanoi but also experience the Vietnamese cultural activities and traditional lifestyle.

Beginning at 6pm on Fridays and stretching into the late hours of Sunday evening, the Hoan Kiem area of the walking street now sees thousands of visitors each weekend. The interesting thing about the Hanoi pedestrian street is that although there are no modern games or services, it is attractive and attracted by traditional games, bold games Ethnic identity and cultural spirit of Vietnam. For each segment of the walking street, we will see a group of people playing umbrellas or tug-of-war, play or kick ball ... many community activities take place here has attracted and attractive A lot of young people join in.
Follow the streets in the walking street, we can easily meet the groups of performers with a variety of styles, different types of music. From fierce Latin music to light music, young music, orchestral music, traditional art forms such as gong singing, singing and singing are also sometimes encountered
Performing arts music in walking street
Of course, walking around the street walking around the Sword Lake is a myriad of sidewalk dishes that you should not miss. You can enjoy the dry cow dumpling familiar to the people of Hanoi, Trang Tien ice cream is famous for its associated childhood memories or hot rolls, nem and noodle noodles ... Food along the road a lot, if go to The streets like Hang Thung or Ta Hien, also do not forget to sit to eat chicken legs salted salt or to sit and eat beer and fried potato chips.
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