How much i will spend in Hanoi

The cost of Hanoi is pretty cheap compared to the Western World, and some of South East Asia too. Where Thailand has hiked it’s prices thanks to the never-ending tourism, the prices in Hanoi are still relatively low.

Looking back on my two-week itinerary of Vietnam, written in 2013, Hanoi prices have definitely gone up though. In there I say that a bia hoi was the equivalent of 15p, in January 2017, you can expect more like 20p. Shocking right? Some of that is thanks to our falling pound, but it’s also thanks to the fact that in Vietnam, in particular Hanoi, tourism is on the up.

Here’s everything I spent in Hanoi in a leisurely six days, you can do the same amount of activities in three (I worked, and walked, a lot), and of course, that would mean the food bill would be a bit cheaper than what you see here too. In January 2017, there were around 28,000 Dong to £1 / or 22,000 Dong to $1.

With all those zeros, managing money in Vietnam can be quite difficult – it takes just £36 to be a millionaire in Vietnamese Dong. Make sure to double check your notes when you hand them over.


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