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Best Apsara Dance In Siem Reap

Apsara Dance, Unforgettable Experience

No visit to Cambodia is complete without at least a quick glimpse of women performing the ancient art of Apsara dance, as depicted on the walls of Angkor’s temples. Wearing glittering silk tunics, sequinned tops (into which they are sewn before each performance to achieve the requisite tight fit) and elaborate golden headdresses, they execute their movements with great deftness and deliberation, knees bent in plié, heels touching the floor first at each step, coy smiles on their faces. Every position has its own particular symbolism – a finger pointing to the sky, for instance, indicates “today”, while standing sideways to the audience with the sole of the foot facing upwards represents flying.

While the dance dates back to the 6th and 7th centuries, the shows you are likely to see in Siem Reap are modern reinventions. The ballet-like performance was created by the Royal Ballet of Cambodia in the mid-20th century. The graceful moves and postures are inspired by those illustrated on the walls of Angkor Wat and other ancient buildings in the area.


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