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Best Diving Spots In Nha Trang For Sea Lovers

Whether you’re an expert or beginner, there are several things to keep in mind before going out for scuba diving in Nha Trang. From what to expect to the best locations, I have compiled everything you need to know about scuba diving and snorkeling here. Feeling curious yet? Follow me and let’s find out!

Diving programs in Nha Trang

Scuba diving is an extreme underwater sport, requiring many special skills, body strength and resilience to experience. However, this doesn’t mean that inexperienced travelers can’t join in the fun. In Nha Trang, there are various programs that cater to all ages and swimming abilities, from newcomers to experts.

Best places to experience scuba diving in Nha Trang

Nha Trang is home to the salanganes and many beautiful islets and islands. It is a true paradise filled with white sand, blue skies, and diverse wildlife. Each island has its own charms and beauties. However, when it comes to diving and snorkeling, I had to consult with Inspitrip’s local advisors to get the most authentic experiences! After exploring the four must-see islands in Nha Trang, I have concluded that the following three are ideal for diving:


Monkey Island (Lao Island)

Lao Island, or Monkey Island, has a lot of vibrant coral reefs, and many unique species of fish. This area is perfect for both snorkeling and scuba diving. Just follow the stone edges and you can jump straight down for an aquatic adventure. Besides colorful underwater wildlife, the island is also famous for its colony of monkeys that freely roam around anywhere on the island. You can discover Nha Trang’s wonderful nature, both on land and underwater!

Mun Island

There are quite a few diving areas near Mun Island that are suitable for divers of all levels. With its pristine water and a wild selection of sea creatures, the island is a hidden paradise to explore. To reach Mun Island’s diving spots, you need to transfer by speedboat to the checkpoints. With many depth levels, the island is a wonderful stop for both snorkeling and scuba diving in Nha Trang.

Mot Island

Mot Island has quite a lot of coral reefs scattered around the island, located close to the shore. This island is also home to many colorful sea creatures, ranging from small fish to turtles and jellyfish. This spot is very attractive for divers of all levels, as it is more shallow than the rest of the diving zones. If you’re a beginner or a non-swimmer who wants to do some snorkeling, I strongly recommend going to Mot Island for a dip in its freshwater ocean!


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