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Trek Through Temples And Jungle

Do trekking tour is a great way to see more than just temple in Cambodia. Join us on our unique trekking adventure to the remote area without tourists and crowded temples. To fully experience the Khmer culture and its history this tour is a must as the Khmer empire was founded on this sacred place. Follow your guide on remote parts through the tropical forest, bamboo forest and ancient sandstone quarries.

Looking for some sweet trekking routes to take on while traveling in Cambodia? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of the best trekking in Cambodia based on distance, difficulty and just plain awesomeness. It can be difficult to choose the right route for you, as not only do you have to be realistically aware of your own fitness ability, but you also have to be flexible with your time. Some trekking tours require you to book in advance and if you want to take on the big beasts of mountains, you’ll need a couple of days spare! Whatever your ability, style or preference for adventure, we hope this best trekking in Cambodia list will help you experience some amazing routes.

Kalai Jungle Hike

If you’re looking for a hike that is easy or just want to be at one with nature, the Kalai Jungle hike is an ideal choice. Beginning the trek from a Kreung minority village, the hike will be through the stunning Rattanakiri province where you will be submerged in a forest surrounded by sounds of insects and flowing water. The best thing about this hike, apart from the amazing jungle views and the natural creeks that you can swim in, is the local people. Home to the Kreung people, they will happily make you bamboo soup or other local delicacies to enjoy by the campfire, and trust me when I say that it will be amazing! Having this unique experience, and the fact that you will be contributing to sustainable travel, are reasons enough for us to add this baby to our hiking in Cambodia list.

River of a Thousand Lingas Hike

If you’re a history buff, then this hike is for you. The hike itself is fairly easy, but due to the steep trails being full of twisting roots that make up quite the obstacle course, the hike is officially considered a ‘moderate’ difficulty. Once you reach the top of the jungle-clad mountain path after approximately 1 hour, you’ll be rewarded with the flowing River of a Thousand Lingas; this is where the history comes in. A spiritual, historical and cultural landmark, the river gives you a hands-on (and feet in!) look at Hindu mythological and religious carvings in its river bed. Much like the feeling you get in Asian temples and other holy grounds, prepare to be amazed and uplifted here! Once you’re taken in the ancient river as a whole, you can cool off in the waterfall and indulge in some lunch before heading back. You may even get to hit the renowned pink sandstone Citadel of Women or some Angkor temples on the way if you’re lucky!

Cardamom Mountains

Calling all hardcore adventures! This one is for you guys. If you fancy getting back to basic living and want to learn the true meaning of ‘remote,’ how about hiking through Southeast Asia’s largest remaining rainforest? It’s definitely not an understatement when the Cardamom Mountains are referred to as far-removed, and they are so far off the beaten track that you’ll feel like you’ve entered Narnia! With that being said though, as they are so untouched, the mountains are full of rare and exotic wildlife, flora and fauna. Stretching out for miles, the mountains are also covered in a variety of landscapes from jungles and forests complete with waterfalls and streams to vast grasslands. So how does this sound to you? Perfect right. What makes this place even more perfect is that in very recent years, a series of eco- and community-based tourism projects have been set up in the area. This means that all homestays and tours are run by the locals themselves!

Ream National Park

Hiking trails in the Ream National Park are probably one of the most popular routes for hiking in Cambodia. It’s no surprise really, as the park is full of mangroves, freshwater marshes, estuaries, and forests, as well as beaches, coral reefs and islands! Even the wildlife here is just as stunning as the surroundings. With 210 square kilometers of pure nature at its best, you can imagine why the hiking trails here are a favorite. Although full of many trails, the particular hike that we are talking about is the 7km (2-hour) walk through the hills of the park. Why? Because you get to see the best of nature and the coast that the park has to offer, while also combining the tour with a boat trip to the islands! How does a walk in nature followed by cooling off in turquoise waters sound?


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