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Best Options To Travel From Vientiane To Pakse

Vientiane, the capital of Laos, is set on the waters of Mekong River. Despite being home to numerous hotels, restaurants, and embassies, the pace of life is slow here and the city maintains a laidback feel. Things to see and do include taking a cycle tour, enrolling in a cooking class, seeing the Presidential Palace, and visiting the COPE Visitor Centre.

Pakse means “mouth of the river” as it is situated at the confluence of Mekong and Xe Don rivers. There are not a lot of attractions in Pakse but it is an ideal spot for backpackers to take a few days off to unwind before going to other Southeast Asian countries or elsewhere in Laos. Visit gold-ridden temples, sample traditional Lao dishes, or shop for souvenirs at the night market.

There are 2 options to travel the 670km journey from Vientiane to Pakse: you can either take the bus or you can take a flight. Taking the bus is cheaper at $26, but will take at least 10 hours of travel time. Traveling by plane is only 1,5 hours but a ticket starts at $33.

We prefer the sleeper bus for the journey from Vientiane to Pakse, as travelling at night saves you time. Most of the well-known bus companies in Laos operate on this route.

Several buses are named ‘VIP buses’, which are the most expensive ones in Laos. They have flatbeds instead of reclining seats and some will also serve water and snacks.

We recommend booking with any of the buses below. Their departure and arrival times are the most convenient. See here the bus schedule:


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