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Special Taste Of Cha Ca La Vong

Cha Ca La Vong , one of the oldest eateries in Hanoi, Vietnam, and the first to set up shop on Cha Ca Street, over a century ago. Along the busy road, where spiderwebs of exposed electric wires hang overhead, dozens of specialists compete to sell the best cha ca -- crispy turmeric-marinated fish that's fried tableside in a pan with herbs.

Cha Ca (Vietnamese Grilled Fish) is a rare yet iconic dish in Hanoi that has been listed as one of the 1,001 dishes to eat before you die. One of the unique things is that Cha Ca is the only food on the menu of the restaurants that serve it. So it’s either you eat it, or you don’t.

What is Cha Ca?

Cha Ca (grilled fish) is not only delicious but interesting to figure out as well. It is regarded as the most complicated dish because of highly-required criterion from the very first process to the final step in order to maintain the fresh and unique taste of the fish, a kind of snake-headed family. Among which, seasoning is especially important and sensitive.

How is it served?

Cha Ca is so famous to the world that everyone arriving Hanoi will try to taste it at least one time. Cha Ca is served with bun (vermicelli), rau hung lang (basil), roasted peeled peanut, hanh la (fresh green onion), thi la (dill) and “mam tom” (a meticulous mixed shrimp paste). The cook prepares mam tom by combining sugar, shrimp paste (mam tom), distilled rice wine, hot oil, chili and mixing them well. While constantly stirring, they will squeeze in juice of a half lemon until it foams. Fish is the main material, often be processed from Ca Lang (Hemibagrus) and Ca Qua (Channidae). The talent cook will cut the fish into small fillets, dip them into secret ingredients carefully, and then grill them on charcoal in advance before serving the eaters in a pan.


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